7th Grade Health Course Expectations

 7th Grade
 Health Course Expectations

 Seventh grade health is a four-week course that reinforces the concept of the health triangle.  Students will spend four weeks studying the following concepts: friends and respect, illegal/legal drugs, the immune system/disease, nutrition, and the digestive system. The disease unit will focus on both communicable and non-communicable diseases, including HIV/AIDS.

Students that are successful in seventh grade health will:
·       Be able to make responsible decisions
·       Understand the difference between misuse and abuse
·       Understand how the immune system works while being aware of how various diseases are transmitted
·       Be able to contribute to a healthy society
·       Know function of the digestive system
·       Understand the role of nutrients and the impact they have on the body


  • TARDIES: Students are expected to be in their seats and to begin working on the daily bell ringer when class begins.  Those not in their seats will be considered absent or tardy. Students who are tardy should sign-in on the tardy clipboard.
  • Students will be respectful to teachers, peers and guest speakers.  Students are expected to listen while others are talking and raise their hand for questions and comments.
  • Students should come to class prepared with a spiral and a writing utensil. Students will not be allowed to go to their locker for supplies.
  • Bathroom breaks and drinks should be taken care of before class unless there is an emergency. If students need to use the restroom during class, they must use a privilege pass.
  • No food or drink will be allowed in class.

Please return this slip with your child indicating that you have read the course expectations. By signing below you are indicating that you are comfortable with all subjects being taught during the health unit, including any information on sexually transmitted diseases as well as suicide and depression.

Student Name_______________________                              


Parent/Guardian Signature_____________________________

Parent email/phone #______________________________

Health class is four weeks long and we have a lot of information to cover. Students are to come to class prepared with the proper materials, including a spiral notebook, and with any assigned work completed.  There will be daily assignments to be completed in class or at home.  Projects will be assigned to measure students’ understanding of the subject matter.  If there are any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call the female PE office (983-5526) or contact me through e-mail at twideman@ladueschools.net or vwojtow@ladueschools.net



Homework turned in after the due date may receive partial credit. Late work must be turned in by the final day of health class in order to receive credit.


The CHADS organization will come and speak about the Signs of Suicide (SOS). The goal of the program is to help students identify signs of depression, self-injury and suicide in themselves and others and respond to them effectively.

This is a sensitive topic, so please let us know if you would prefer to not have your child be part of the discussion.

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